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Cub Tracks’ Yu who?

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Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I’m going to miss Yu Darvish wordplay and Victor Caratini’s considerable abilities. No two ways about it, and that was a trade that revealed all too much of the Cubs’ intent to soft-pedal the 2021 season, ride out the absence of the 2022 season (which is part of the lost-revenue lament, as ownership nervously anticipates that self-caused debacle), and try once again to mismanage player development with an eye toward the year 2525...

But I’m over it, or was. It took a three-month-old puppy dying to move me off that square, but I’m off. My grand-daughter, who owned the puppy, on the other hand, is a huge KB fan. She thinks he scores touchdowns, but I still don’t want to tell her he does that somewhere else.

Times are hard, man. I’m having trouble summoning my inner Walt Kowalski today. But I think I might be able to, if I keep reading about Willson Contreras going, too. I told Al that we’re back to the mid-70s, now.

He said I was over-reacting. Ok, my specialty. I can own that. But I suspect I’m under-reacting. The Ricketts clan wanted a piece of metal to hold up so that they could hold up the entire fanbase with the other hand. They think of it as hyperopia, I bet, eyeing generational wealth.

I think very little of them. Their near-future plans are fuzzy and indistinct as long as you’re looking close. It takes perspective to appreciate what they’ve done, how myopically they’ve thrown away fan goodwill in order to conduct the business of business.

To me, it isn’t betrayal. It’s confirmation. And I hate it.

Part of me wants them to fail so spectacularly that the Ricketts stand in the soup line. Another part wonders if they can be cured with lime, if we ship them out to sea. The other part is just sad and isn’t sure that the World Championship was worth this gamethread word.

I expect that I’ll miss that happy place more than the lost players. Goodbye, and good riddance, 2020.

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Trading Darvish to the Padres — sources confirmed the outline of an agreement Monday night — feels like wait until next year and the year after that. — Patrick Mooney.

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