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Cub Tracks pitches curves

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So why not Taylor McGregor for the new tv voice of the Cubs? Or Sage Steele if we need someone sports-qualified or actually from ESPN? That is, if Sara Sanchez won’t do it. Cuz Sara is clearly the best possible candidate (outside of Michelle Obama, who definitely wouldn’t do it). But Taylor already works for Marquee, has a rapport with JD, all of that, and isn’t an old white dude.

I realize such a progressive notion won’t fly at at the Marquee Sports Network, but it should. You can @ me if you like. I already know I’m nuts. But please, no Chris Myers or Wayne Randazzo.

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“I want this to be crystal clear. If Cub games were still on WGN or NBC Sports Chicago or Channel 7, I would still be doing this. I was treated like a king with the Cubs. This is 100 percent about a moment in time during which I could not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.” — Len Kasper

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