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Outside The Confines: Winter Meetings pandemic style

Things will look a lot different with baseball’s annual get-together this year.

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Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The annual MLB Winter Meetings have begun, but the event that was originally meant to take place from the 6th-10th in Dallas, TX has now moved to a completely remote scenario. This, of course, means that sportswriters cannot lurk in a hotel lobby hoping to overhear a major deal; and most importantly, Scott Boras will not have a captive audience for his annual impromptu press conference that typically sounds like a game of baseball Mad Libs.

What should not change, even if the venue is now online, is a big week of moving parts, and a lot of free agents finding themselves a new home. Winter Meetings are typically the busiest time of the offseason, and when the so-called “hot stove” really starts to heat up.

All of this culminates in the December 10th Rule 5 Draft, so you can expect all 30 MLB teams to look a fair bit different by the end of this week.

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