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Please welcome Just Raze Ovens to the 2020 Cubs as we have some fun with anagrams

A different look at names on the Cubs’ 40-man roster.

Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As we await spring training, which starts with pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow and the first official workout Wednsday, let’s get to know the 40-man roster... with their names scrambled in anagrams. There are a lot of new names from last year.

As always, I’ve used the Internet Anagram Server to create these Cubs roster anagrams for all the players on the 40-man roster, except for a couple that the IAS couldn’t handle; those come instead from here and here. You might recognize a couple of returning anagrams from previous years — that’s because there just aren’t very many for some players.

Now it’s time for you to determine which Cubs player matches each of these anagrams. I’ve added some punctuation in some of them to make them funnier, and mixed them up by putting them in alphabetical order by anagram. I’ve pretty much given away the player anagrammed in the headline to this post by the photo. See if you can figure out the others. If you do figure it out and want to post the answer, please put it behind a spoiler bar in the comments so that others can play.

A Hip Pan
A Lame Aim Guy
A Scalded Lesion
Agonized Rum Rule
Alarm Bar Jolter
Avoid Debt
Calorie Grab
Chalky Brewers
Cheer No Iron
I Sell Calm
I, Tuneless Jet
Jan’s Equation
Jet Or Lens
Jive A. Zebra
John Or Cattle
Joy Heard Swan
Just Raze Ovens
Lard Toy Ablaze
Lanky Rye
Mr. Grovel Lite
Ms. Denial Poll
Ms. Jeffery Jeers
Narcotic Trivia
Neat Prayer
No Eclair
Raw Cow Ink
Rewound, Adjourned
Rick I. Gambler
S.S. Watercolor Inn
Scaled Years
Shy Kick Lender
Try Ink Bras
U.S. Hard Ivy
Warden Link
Weird Back
Won Jam Rodeos
Worthy Ace Dolt
Yo! Mr. Lentils
Z. Shock Tar
Zany Zit Honor