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There are even still more Kris Bryant trade rumors

I’m begging you... make them stop.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There are two reasons I’m really glad actual Cubs team workouts begin today.

First: It’s always good to see real baseball players on the field, even if it’s just doing the monotonous, repetitive drills that are geared to give them the muscle memory so they can make those plays without thinking during the season.

And second: I am running out of good photos of Kris Bryant staring off into the middle distance with a soulful look on his face.

I’m writing this because there is yet another “Bryant’s going to be traded” rumor article out there. Most of us here don’t believe Bryant will be traded before Opening Day — in yesterday’s article more than 80 percent of you voted “yes” to the question of whether he’d be on the team Opening Day — but here’s the latest Bryant trade gossip for you:

Sources say the Cubs have spoken with multiple teams in recent weeks concerning Bryant, including the Rangers, Rockies, Nationals and Phillies.

While there is no evidence those discussions have progressed, it’s noteworthy that the Cubs have declined to establish a deadline by which the team will halt the conversations and assure Bryant that he will remain in Chicago for the long term. Bryant’s future remains unsettled, as he is due to gain free agency following the 2021 season, after the team prevailed over Bryant in a recent grievance filed over service time.

All four of those teams have been previously mentioned in connection with Bryant. Nothing new here. We’ve discussed them before. In terms of the Rockies, since they already have a great third baseman, such a trade could involve a swap of Bryant for Nolan Arenado. Yep, covered that one here, too.

Perhaps the words of Theo Epstein should be heeded:

“There’s still some chatter going on across the industry, but we’re kind of turning the page, honestly, with our focus,” Epstein said, according to’s Jordan Bastian. “We’re starting the 2020 season. We’re excited about the group that we have in camp. It’s time to pull together and focus on winning games. That offseason narrative will just kind of stay upstairs.”

Now, you’ll probably tell me this: If Theo Epstein is “turning the page,” why does this article even exist?

Because you’ll want to talk about Theo’s remarks, and those trade rumors that are out there. Have at it.