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MLB Bullets means never having to say you’re sorry

The Astros dump gasoline on the fire with a bungled public apology. More thoughts on the Mookie Betts trade, which both Boston and the Padres may regret. Some minor league stuff.

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Houston Astros Media Availability Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Since I’m in the penalty box for the crime of living in the state of California, I’m going to say a few things that I’d normally put into a separate article here. I’ll be briefer than I normally would be. There are also some links that I’d normally do full stories on, but you’re only going to get my thoughts here.

A lot of this sign-stealing scandal could have been prevented had MLB not insisted upon an NFL-style “challenge system” to replay rather than an umpire-centered one that would be similar to what NCAA football does. I argued in favor of an umpire-centered system before replay was enacted, but was ignored. (I’m used to that.) I can only assume MLB went with the system they did because it was cheaper—they wouldn’t have to have one umpire in the booth for every game looking for blown calls. There was probably a bit of “NFL-envy” going on as well.

The Mets taking $55 million of taxpayer money for a clubhouse that will be used six weeks a year by a few dozen millionaires is emblematic of everything that is wrong with America at the moment. That they tried to justify not letting the minor leaguers use it by saying that those players need something to work towards is some of the most patronizing crap to come out of any MLB team in decades. Or maybe it isn’t, unfortunately.

The Astros tried to put the sign-stealing scandal behind them yesterday, but their “apology” certainly made it seem like they don’t feel that they have anything to apologize for. Rather than move forward, owner Jim Crane just threw gasoline on the fire.

Again, this is the type of person that has the money to purchase an MLB team these days. (Here’s the mandatory #NotallMLBowners hashtag.)

A day like this can make me hope my days of writing this column really are numbered. Because this is no fun. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. It better be. Have a happy Valentine’s Day. Or not. No pressure.