BCB Music Threads 2020, Week 8: Tastebreakers

For one final time in 2020, it's time for another music thread!

If you ask me (you didn't, but we'll pretend), we've all heard quite enough about the music we love pretty much unequivocally. Whether it's alphabetical favorites, desert island albums, songs with female singers, or the songs that bring you down—I'm over it all.

What I want now is the equivocal. The less certain, the uncomfortable, or indeed, the stuff you unequivocally don't like—except for when you do.

Maybe it's an artist or song in a genre, style, or rhythm that you're normally not into. Maybe it's a band you really hate dropping a song you love. Or maybe it's a song you think is definitely terrible but that you Just. Can't. Stop. bobbing along to!

Spotify likes to call them tastebreakers, which is fun, but then their tastebreakers aren't usually all that exciting (to me, anyway). I think we all can do better.

Then, along with that, a BONUS: a few of your favorite instrumental tracks! I'd ideally like different genres, but if the only instrumental music you like is classical or electronica or tracks from movie scores, that's totally okay. And if you can't think of anything, that's okay too! The bonus is totally optional.

I originally said 10-12 tastebreakers and 3 instrumentals, for no more than 15. But since my list breaks my own rule, I'm changing the rule because I have that power. I still want 10-12 tastebreakers, but now 3-5 instrumentals, with no more than 15 songs total.

As an added note: Feel free to be open about what you don't like (and why) within your list, but be nice! I want to strike a balance that's something like: "I personally don't like this genre/artist because XYZ things about the music don't do it for me," and not "I think genre/artist/song is terrible and the people who like it should be ashamed."

Also, if you see a genre or artist or anything else listed that you really do like, feel free to say you like it—discussions are fun—but I'd encourage you not to refute people's opinions. Music is very personal, and I think it's just as interesting to hear what people don't like as it is to see what they like. But I can see how this could get mean, so I'd just ask that you be careful when commenting directly on someone else's list.

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