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Cub Tracks makes with the side-eye

Cubs and MLB news — Bryant gets ahead, Ross is the dude, and other stories

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Late of the Simpsons
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kris Bryant is gonna lead off. Could work. I’ve heard worse proposals for the man at the top of the order. Evan Altman described him as “extremely gruntled”. So gruntled that he parked in Tom Ricketts’ spot. This pleases me.

Ok, that’s the news. Let’s move on ... you may have heard about the gangster of love and the space cowboy, but I’m gonna whip a cat on you right now who’s had more trouble, trials and tribulations...

Apropos of nothing. I just like that song, and this one:

Fly like an eagle, Kris.

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Food for thought:

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