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Cubs vs. Rockies at Mesa preview, Tuesday 2/25, 2:05 CT

The weather’s getting better each day, and the Cubs are back home.

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Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

MESA, Arizona — Finally, the weather is baseball-like and I’ll be attending my first game of the 2020 spring training season.

Yu Darvish has yet to throw in a spring-training game, but he is (apparently) on target to be the Cubs’ Opening Day starter this year, and he says he has tons of confidence:

“I still have it,” Darvish said. “I have a lot of confidence. Last year, I had good command, but I still struggled with fastball away to lefties. But this spring training, I can throw right there. I keep going up (here), too, so it’s amazing.”

Darvish was outstanding in the second half of 2019, and then spent the offseason being outstanding on Twitter:

“When I started Twitter 10 years ago, I was doing the same thing in Japanese,” Darvish said. “I started tweeting in English two years ago. Especially this offseason, I could feel that people like it. That’s why I keep doing it. But I can’t write in English, so I always (do it) in Japanese and send it to my assistant. He (translates to) English. And then copy it and tweet.”

And so now you know the source of those English-language tweets from Yu.

Here are today’s particulars.

Cubs lineup:

Happ CF, Schwarber LF, Contreras C, Heyward RF, Bote DH, Descalso 3B, Kipnis 2B, Perez SS, Garcia 1B

Rockies lineup:

Dahl CF, Desmond LF, Story SS, McMahon 1B, Diaz DH, Hampson 2B, Daza RF, Fuentes 3B, Butera C

Jon Lester will start for the Cubs. Also scheduled to pitch for the Cubs: Duane Underwood Jr., Rex Brothers, James Norwood, Jason Adam, Tyson Miller, CD Pelham and Dakota Mekkes.

Wes Parsons will start for the Rockies. Rockies relievers today: Ryan Rolison, Antonio Santos, Tyler Kinley, Tommy Doyle and Alexander Guillen.

Today’s game is on the Marquee Network. Here is a complete channel guide for all the providers currently signed up with Marquee. Note that it is possible some of these channels might not be up and running right away. This is new to all of us and I would anticipate glitches. Hopefully it all gets squared away by Opening Day, including a Marquee deal with Comcast.

There is no radio broadcast or online audiocast of today’s game. If you do not have access to Marquee, you will have to follow along via Gameday.

The game will also be shown on MLB Network on a one-hour delay beginning at 3 p.m. CT. This will be available nationwide except in the Rockies market territory.

Please note that during spring training, Gameday doesn’t usually go pitch-by-pitch as it does during the regular season — usually, it will update after each at-bat.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today.

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For spring-training games, we’ll have a first-pitch thread at five minutes to game time and one overflow thread, 90 minutes after game time (because I know how you all like overflow threads!). For today, that will be 2 p.m. CT and 3:30 p.m. CT.

These threads will not post individually onto the front page; instead, you can find links to them in the box marked ”Chicago Cubs Game Threads” at the bottom of the front page. There will also be a StoryStream on the front page with all the game thread links, as well as the recap after the game is over. The pitcher boxes and regular-season stats will return on Opening Day.

Discuss amongst yourselves.