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Brad Wieck undergoes cardiac ablation procedure

He’ll be out for a while.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Wieck pitched quite well for the Cubs last year after he was acquired from the Padres in exchange for Carl Edwards Jr. He posted a 3.60 ERA and 0.600 WHIP in 14 appearances covering 10 innings, in which he struck out 18.

He was expected to be a key lefthander in this year’s bullpen. That, apparently, will have to wait:

Here’s what the American Heart Association says about such procedures:

Catheter ablation is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy (similar to microwave heat) to destroy a small area of heart tissue that is causing rapid and irregular heartbeats. Destroying this tissue helps restore your heart’s regular rhythm. The procedure is also called radiofrequency ablation.

The link explains further why these procedures are done and what happens afterwards. Between that link and what Jesse Rogers tweeted, it doesn’t seem as if this will be something that will interrupt Wieck’s career too much, though he now likely won’t be on the Opening Day roster.

The only lefthanded reliever who’s a lock to make the Opening Day roster is Kyle Ryan. With Wieck out for a time, that might leave room for Rule 5 pick Trevor Megill to make the Opening Day roster — as a Rule 5 pick, he’ll certainly be given every chance, as if he doesn’t make it, he’ll have to be returned to the Padres.

All best wishes to Brad Wieck for a speedy recovery and return to playing baseball.