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Chicago Cubs truck day has arrived!

It’s time to gear up for spring training.

Ken Keefer

Super Bowl LIV is now history, and traditionally the end of the NFL season has been viewed as the transition from football season to baseball season, with pitcher and catcher report day for the Cubs just a week away, and spring training games beginning two weeks from Saturday.

(Incidentally, I will always think of this year’s Super Bowl as the “Son Of Former Cubs Pitcher Generates Great Comeback For His Team” Super Bowl and you can’t change my mind.)

Monday morning outside Wrigley Field, one of the first Chicago signs of spring was in evidence as the club began packing up baseball equipment to have it sent down to Mesa, Arizona for the seven weeks or so that it’ll be used for practices and games at the Sloan Park complex — a baseball ritual otherwise known as Truck Day.

So, we’re now in the countdown to spring-training games. Today: 19 days. Baseball is almost here!

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago Cubs