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Cub Tracks plays small

Cubs and MLB news and notes — Darvish, tall, dark, well-armed, Perez feels weird, other bullets

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Yu who?
Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Hey, no big deal. Cubs drop an ST game. I‘m not really sure of what to say and that isn’t my circus anyway. Al has the positive recap. Here we rake the muck and uncover the coverage, as one does.

You heard it here first? Let’s get small.

Here’s today’s episode of Cub Tracks News and Notes, the only links column that really matters. As always, * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome). {$} means paywall. {$} means limited views. Italics are often used here as sarcasm font.

Food for thought:

Let’s get real small. Let’s get Martinized, too. Thanks for reading. Rants and raves at medium.