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Today’s Cubs game is cancelled due to rain, and MLB is suspending spring training

More details to come, but they are doing the right thing.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

MESA, Arizona — I did head to Sloan Park this morning. Not much activity there, maybe a couple dozen people milling around, and about 10:20 a.m. Arizona time it was announced the Cubs game vs. the Dodgers had been cancelled — due to rain.

It’s not raining at the moment in the Phoenix area, though storms are forecast for this afternoon. As of this writing, four other Cactus League games have been cancelled (Padres/Indians, Rockies/Brewers, Brewers/Diamondbacks and Reds/Mariners), and two others (Mariners/Royals and Athletics/Dodgers) are still scheduled. I suspect the latter two will be cancelled, as Major League Baseball is expected to suspend spring training games as of Friday:

The weather in the Phoenix area gives MLB an excuse to start this suspension a day early, at least for the Cactus League.

When this official announcement comes from MLB, which presumably will have more details on the regular season and when it might begin, I’ll post another article, but I wanted you to have details on today’s cancellations and the upcoming announcement now.

Awaiting developments, of course.