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FanPost Friday: How did you become a Cubs fan?

Baseball is on hiatus, but our fandom isn’t.

Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

I remember my first Cubs game. It was a beautiful sunny April Chicago day — my first ever trip to the Windy City — and I managed to wander through Lincoln Park and up into Wrigleyville. It was as if my feet had guided me there with a will of their own. I hadn’t intended to see a game that day. I was in town for a conference and just wanted to explore, and yet I found myself staring up at the big red Wrigley sign and I couldn’t resist.

I walked up to the gate and bought myself a seat one level up from the visitors’ dugout. I don’t think it cost me more than $30 at the time. The Cubs were playing the Brewers, and there were enough empty seats I could put my box of cupcakes in their own spot.

The Cubs lost that day, and I bought myself a brand new Wrigley Field sweatshirt because (as you locals surely know) lovely April Chicago days become freezing cold Chicago nights. I nearly froze to death, but I never forgot that game. It was my first ever live MLB experience.

I knew from that day forward I would always love that ballpark and the team that plays there.

With baseball in an uncertain game, it seems unlikely any chilly April games will be played at Wrigley this year, but it seems like a good time to remember what makes us fans. So today’s FanPost Friday prompt is just that: how did you become a Cubs fan?

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