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MLB is advising clubs to end organized team workouts

We could be even farther away from having baseball resume.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Cubs (and many other teams) announced that they would be keeping spring camps open for players who wanted to stay in Arizona and have individual and team workouts, with staff around to assist.

Now, this might no longer be the case:

So players could conceivably stick around Mesa to keep in shape, but there wouldn’t be any organized team activities, although:

Here are more details:

According to Joel Sherman, there will be a MLB conference call with the commissioner’s office and team owners at noon Eastern time Monday to update them on the status of discussions with the MLBPA on what’s going to happen next. Here’s more information:

As we have seen in recent days, events are moving very rapidly and changes in all realms of American society can happen, not just in baseball.

It would seem, at this point, that the “at least two weeks” that the 2020 MLB season was originally announced to be delayed will likely be quite a bit longer than that. Optimistically, I would think that we might see baseball by May 1, though it still could be after that.

Stick around BCB for further updates on news concerning baseball and the novel coronavirus, as well as other baseball-related content. We are working on a way to put together simulated games for which we’d have previews, game threads and recaps, a way to have some baseball, even if it’s not real. I’ll be posting more history articles about the Cubs and baseball, too. If there are other baseball-related things you’d like to see on this site as we await the return of real baseball, please let me know.

Hang in there. As Theo Epstein said the other day, we are all in this together.