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Fergie Jenkins is raising money to help Cubs and Sloan Park employees

Proceeds from Jenkins’ Cameo videos will help out-of-work gameday staff

Fergie Jenkins at the Hall of Fame in 2019
Getty Images

With the abrupt suspension of spring training many of the gameday staff at Sloan Park have found themselves unexpectedly out of work. These employees, who depended on the anticipated pay from those games, may now find themselves in financially uncertain times.

Enter Cubs great, Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins.

Jenkins, who is now 77, has been known to show up at Sloan Park during spring training, and has remained a deeply invested member of the Cubs family. He is doing his part during this time to help those in need, with a promise to donate all the proceeds of his Cameo recordings for the next week to help pay the lost wages of Sloan Park employees.

Cameo is a custom video service where fans can pay a fee — $50 in Fergie’s case — to have a personalized video made for themselves or a loved one.

If you’re wondering how to help out the Sloan Park staff, and also have someone in your life (even yourself) who might like a birthday, anniversary, or “just because” shout out from one of the greatest Cubs pitchers of all time, now would be a good week to get one.

Fergie’s Cameo page can be found here.