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MLB cancels Mexico City and Puerto Rico series

Games were to have been played there in April.

Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the Twins/Indians series in 2018
Getty Images

Major League Baseball has been playing games in other countries to try to promote the sport internationally. Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea. I went to see the Cubs and Mets play in Japan in 2000, and the Cubs playing the Expos in San Juan in 2003.

MLB had series scheduled between the Diamondbacks and Padres in Mexico City and the Mets playing the Marlins in San Juan in April.

These have now been cancelled:

The Diamondbacks and Marlins were the home teams for those games, so if they are played — and there’s no certainty of that, either — they’ll be played at Chase Field and Marlins Park.

There is still no word on the London Series scheduled June 13 and 14 between the Cubs and Cardinals at London Stadium.

Wednesday, the Cardinals sent out an email update on various topics, and noted this about the London games:

MLB continues to monitor the situation, but has not made a decision to delay or cancel the event at this time.

If — and of course, that’s a big “if” — the season can begin by Memorial Day, I would guess MLB would try to play those games as scheduled, presuming travel to the UK is up and running at that time. Otherwise, since the games are both Cardinals home games, they would likely be played in St. Louis.

We’re all in a holding pattern as of now. I just thought you’d like to have this baseball update.