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Cubs vs. Reds at Mesa simulated game thread, Thursday 3/19, 6 p.m. CT

Here’s the place for discussion of this simulated Cubs game.

Go get ‘em. Yu.
Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

At 6 p.m. CT, a simulated Cubs/Reds spring training game via MLB The Show will begin. This mirrors the actual spring training schedule, as the Cubs and Reds were supposed to play at Sloan Park earlier this afternoon.

Here is the complete BCB Mediacenter (title as per Deputy’s suggestion for the YouTube channel) where all our BCB simulated games will be shown live. We won’t have the actual link to this specific game until it starts. At that time, Duane Pesice will drop the link into the comments to this post. Until then you can use the link in this paragraph as a guide to where to find the game.

Yu Darvish will be the Cubs starting pitcher. Sonny Gray will start for the Reds. As a reminder from the game preview thread, here are the lineups:


Bryant 3B, Rizzo 1B, Baez SS, Schwarber LF, Contreras C, Heyward RF, Kipnis 2B, Happ CF, Darvish P


Senzel CF, Votto 1B, Castellanos RF, Moustakas 2B, Barnhart C, Blandino 3B, Winker LF, Galvis SS, Gray P

I am going to post a “recap” of sorts of this game tomorrow morning. It won’t be a true “game recap,” instead it’ll mostly be a thread for you to comment on how you thought it went, whether 6 p.m. CT is a good time for these simulated games to run, etc.

Oh, one note on the headline here, because I know you’re going to ask: This is a real thread. The game is what is simulated.

Enjoy, and discuss amongst yourselves.