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The Cubs are sending some things back to Chicago

Exactly what’s going on that truck isn’t clear.

Al Yellon

MESA, Arizona — You might have seen the video shot yesterday by Jon Ferlise of Cubs Insider. He went over to the Sloan Park complex to see if there were any baseball activities going on, and found a bit of it.

So I thought I might find the same today and bring you some video. I headed to the complex in Mesa about 10 a.m.

The only thing happening on any of the fields was a lone player in T-shirt and shorts jogging around the warning track. I was going to try to get a photo or video as he came around to the near side of Field 1, but he went through a gate and onto Field 2.

I did see some activity, though, near the entrance to the Cubs’ workout facility, some workers packing up a Midway Moving and Storage truck, clearly taking some things from Mesa back to Chicago.

What things, exactly, are being packed up was not clear. There didn’t appear to be any baseball equipment sitting out waiting to be packed in the truck, just some boxes:

Al Yellon

And some bicycles, including kids’ bikes:

Al Yellon

I am honestly not sure why a red phone booth from England is at the Cubs’ complex, but there it was, sitting next to the truck:

Al Yellon

The only other people there other than the folks packing up the moving truck were a father and son playing catch. (At a safe distance, and I didn’t get near them either.) Everything else was closed and locked up tight, on a gorgeous day when the Cubs were supposed to be hosting the Giants:

Al Yellon

With baseball equipment (apparently) not being put on the Midway Moving truck, perhaps some or all of it is being left behind in anticipation of having some workouts later in the spring after we find out when the 2020 MLB season will begin.

Keep hope alive.