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Sara’s Diary: Day 17 without baseball

Various and sundry Sunday

2020 Chicago Cubs Photo Day
Let’s be honest, I’ve just been waiting for any excuse to use this Willson Contreras photo
Photo by Adam Glanzman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

This is a weird Sunday in a lot of ways.

It’s supposed to be the week before the biggest event I run all year, an event we cancelled... well, 16 days ago. I’ve made the most of it and thrown myself into other projects. Work is fine, it’s just disrupted and that has me feeling a little flat.

I haven’t been able to run for the last couple of days and I’m already feeling antsy about it. Yesterday it had to do with rain and my commitment to watching the Kerry Wood 20-strikeout game from start to finish. That game thread was exactly what I needed and I regret none of it. Today it’s because I woke up sneezing a bit. While I’m 90 percent certain this is just the same seasonal allergies I’ve had my entire life (I do not have a fever people, I’ve checked half a dozen times already) I decided it wasn’t fair to risk it, so no 5K for me today.

That morning sneezing attack also killed my daily walk for coffee this morning, which really has me down. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have a coffee pot at home. I definitely have coffee. In the grand scheme of things not talking my morning walk for coffee is such a small thing. I just have been so fiercely guarding these two, small, socially distanced excursions outside. Losing them today hit me really hard.

So, in an effort to distract myself I spent some time on Twitter this morning looking for some baseball adjacent content to keep me smiling on a day that is really threatening to be a bummer. The Cubs never disappoint and I had to share a few with you:

Kyle Schwarber hits home runs and is donating Home Run Inn pizza to help first responders in Chicago:

Speaking of donations for first responders, I told you about Anthony Rizzo leading the charge for meals for hospital workers last week. Yesterday Ryan Dempster donated a week’s worth of meals:

If you listened to the last episode of Cuppa Cubbie Blue (and seriously, if you haven’t yet, get on that, it was a blast) Andi Cruz Vanecek was adamant that we should all be on TikTok following Steven Souza Jr. Well, I can attest she was not wrong. Souza has moves, y’all and he’s issuing a TikTok challenge to Mike Trout:

Even with the sniffles during a global pandemic the Cubs can put a smile on my face. Share your various and sundry Sunday finds in the comments.