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The Bryzzo Show is now a T-shirt!

Celebrate KB and Anthony’s TV appearance with this slick shirt.

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Did you enjoy hearing Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant mic’d up during the Cubs/Angels game Monday?

Here’s a video sample of what they said during the broadcast. [VIDEO]

Now, you can get your very own T-shirt commemorating the Bryzzo Show:

The Bryzzo Show T-shirt for $28

Regarding players being mic’d up, I think it’s awesome during spring training. The results of the games don’t matter, the players are more relaxed and having fun, and these two in particular seemed to really enjoy it. The Marquee Network has done some of the same, with coaches and players (Wednesday it was David Bote) mic’d up.

I don’t think we will see this when the season starts, though, because the stakes are higher, the games are meaningful. I don’t think players would want a producer talking in their ear, or hearing another player or announcers, during a regular-season game. Coaches? Sure, for a short time, if they’re willing. And doing this during an event like the All-Star Game? Absolutely.

Here’s the link to order your Bryzzo Show T-shirt. Enjoy!