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Cub Tracks feels better about Yu

Cubs and MLB news — No flu for Yu, the Rizzo show, and other entertainments

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Darvish makes his pitch to open the season
Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Roster cuts Friday.

Hey, spring. Gorgeous day in south and central Arizona. I watched the game on my patio, in my jammies. The only way it could have been better is with a Cub victory. Still ... more prospects and suspects will be off to the minor-league complex soon. And then we’ll see.

Are you ready for Javy Cam? I am.

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“If we all want to continue to play together, we just have to win. I guess it makes it more simple for us. There’s no outside factors involved. It’s just like, ‘If we want to continue to play together, let’s just win and that’s it. The rest takes care of itself.’” Kris Bryant, on trying to keep the Cubs’ core together.

Food for thought:

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