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Sara’s Diary: Day 20 without baseball

Cosmos in the time of coronavirus

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A fan enjoys a beer at the ballpark
Getty Images

In spite of the astronomical prices, there are few things I enjoy more than a beer at a ball game. And while I know Al is reading this thinking “But you always get wine!”, there is just something kind of perfect about the cold beer on a sweltering summer day as the game stretches out in front of thousands of fans. Eno Sarris at the Athletic did a Beer Nerd’s Guide to Ballparks earlier this spring that I highly recommend.

It’s going to be a while before we can all enjoy a cold beer at the ballpark again, but if the happy hours I’m celebrating via Zoom with my friends are any indication, lots of us are finding ways to pass the time with our favorite beverage and some virtual company. I mean, check out Food Network hostess Ina Garten today:

I have no idea where Ina got that giant martini glass but, something about that just really resonated with me today. So let’s kick off April by sharing our quarantinis of choice. I’ve been pretty happy with this sparkling rosé made from malbec grapes so far, but I have a few craft beers in the fridge to mix things up as necessary:

My quarantine libations of choice
Sara Sanchez

Share your drinks of choice (alcoholic or not!) in the comments, and as Cooler by the Lake would say: Sláinte!