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FanPost Friday: Who is your Cubs “cult hero”?

Which non-superstar player is your favorite?

Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images

I bet you already knew your answer before you even clicked onto the prompt link. We all immediately know which player it is who sparks an immediate joyous reaction, even though he might never have been on a billboard or print ad.

Every team has a player like that. The kind of guy whose style of play, and whose charming demeanor make him an absolute joy to cheer for, even when most casual fans of baseball might not know who they heck you’re talking about.

No, these guys aren’t the Mike Trouts and Aaron Judges of MLB, but for dedicated fans of the team they’re on, they make a splash, the stand out and become beloved icons (even if they might not have All-Star worthy slash lines).

In today’s FanPost prompt we want to know: which under-the-radar player is (or was) your favorite? Who did you go out of your way to get a custom jersey for, or cheer the loudest for when they came up to bat? When did you first become a fan and why?

Head over to the FanPost section, and select “New FanPost” on the left, then tell us which player us your cult hero.