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Cub Tracks’ Yu who?

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Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

After the game, the simCubs held a brief ceremony. Jose Quintana reached deep into his locker, removed a little box, and reverently handed the parcel to Yu Darvish.

“Mister Yu,” he said. “I do believe this belongs to you now.” And he handed over the box, reverently. He had gotten it recently, a gift from Bryzzo. “I want you to have it.”

“I don’t know what to say,” said Yu. “I have no words.”

“Open it,” urged his teammates. “Open it now.”

“What is it?” asked Yu in his best Mike Patton, taking the top off the box. Inside were two tiny fuzzy spheres attached to a thin chain. “What are these?” He asked, holding them to the light. “They’re very small.”

“Tell me,” said Anthony Rizzo. “Tell me how you hold them.” He smirked.

“Tell me what they are,” Yu insisted, though in truth he knew.

“Those,” pronounced Kyle Schwarber. “Are gopher balls.

Yeah, it was that kinda game. The Cubs’ entire scoring offense was a 6th-inning laser beam by Jason Heyward, whose batting average has sunk into the .230s. Aaron Nola had them beat even though they forced him out of the game in the seventh after he had thrown 115 pitches. The Phillies’ heretofore porous bullpen righted their collective ship and the Phils hoisted the flag over the first game of the series. The Cubs will have to do better today as Zack Wheeler (2-1, 3.26) faces Kyle Hendricks (4-0, 1.78), who has been the team’s stopper so far this year.

I also hear that the trade winds have been blowing around Wrigley. Al will have more information about that in a standalone article at 1 p.m. CT, and also info on the upcoming sim game, in the game post at 2:30 p.m. CT, for our 3 p.m. start. I’ll drop the specific URL to the contest in the game thread, but you can lurk at the BCB Media Center and catch it there as well. All past games and highlights reels are available there too, if you want the full #simCubs experience.

And now, here’s Cub Tracks News and Notes, the only links column that really matters. As always, * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome). {$} means paywall. {$} means limited views. Italics are often used here as sarcasm font.

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