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Your random baseball tableau for Friday

New and different objects to write a story about!

Al Yellon

I began this series yesterday with this tableau, based on the idea first posted by BCB reader Schoolly_D. The way this works: There are four objects pictured above. Write a story that involves all four objects.

Here is today’s entry, and here is a larger version of the photo above:

Al Yellon

The only thing I will ask of you in your stories: Keep it clean.

If any of you would like to participate and make this a regular thing, feel free to send me a tableau with no more than four objects in it (three or four seems to be the optimal number). The only rule: I would like for at least one of the objects to be Cubs- or baseball-related.

I don’t know if I’ll do these every day, as I only have a limited number of objects to use. But as long as you are enjoying doing them, I’ll post as many as possible.

Have fun with this!