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Sara’s Diary: Day 23 without baseball


COVID-19 Outbreak In Chicago
A gray sky by a deserted Wrigley Field in March
Photo by Max Herman/NurPhoto via Getty Images

I have a bit of a confession to make — getting out of bed was really hard this morning. I mean, while I’m in confession mode, I should just be really clear. It wasn’t morning, it was past noon and whatever motivation normally exists in the world to jump in and start off the day just wasn’t happening for me today at all.

I’m not sick. I’ve been getting more than enough sleep. My body and mind were just unconvinced I needed to be up and about today. It wasn’t until I remembered I needed to write this diary that I convinced myself there were actual things that needed to happen today.

It’s just a remarkably flat and gray day here.

I considered writing about a number of things I’ve been thinking about on days when I’ve felt more creative. I have a few ideas out there, I almost grabbed one today and tried to force it into today’s entry. The thing is, this isn’t a creative writing class. This is a diary of what life is like in a world where almost everything, including our nation’s pastime, has been shut down.

And the answer is that life and world for me is flat and gray with no end in sight today.

It reminded me of one of my favorite songs: Grey by Ani DiFranco (yes, I know, that whole gray/grey connection is not my best work. I warned you all about my creative ability today). Interestingly, in the song the color is more of a metaphor, but it’s perfect for the way today feels:

I’ll try to shake this overwhelmingly flat feeling later this afternoon with a run, a sim game of of baseball and maybe a book or two. But if you’re battling a overwhelming sense of gray as we settle into week four without baseball you are definitely not alone. Be gentle with people in your life and check in on them. None of us know how to do this for the foreseeable future. There will be days that are gray.