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Cub Tracks supports the leg

Cubs and MLB news — simCubs to victory,

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Karate Combat
“I got a little intense.”
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In Saturday’s tilt, the simCubs got a leg up on the simBacks 8-4 before a crowd of thousands of cyberpeople and a few score of actual meat people. Jose Quintana was effective for a while, but this manager has a quick hook and Alec Mills was brought in to do an effective job of long relief after the D-Backs kicked a field goal.

The two Jasons (Jason Heyward and Jason Kipnis) provided early runs with doubles and the Cubs never gave up the lead after that, with Kyle Schwarber clouting an oppo shot and Ian Happ powering one out to straight-center. Javier Baez topped off the Cubs’ offensive statement with a wallbanger to left for an rbi and Brad Wieck pitched a scoreless ninth to nail the victory down and give Mills his first win of the year.

The simCubs have brought the lumber so far this year, scoring 53 runs in eight games, third in MLB behind the A’s (66) and the Indians (55), and first in the NL. The Cubs’ 23 doubles lead all of MLB and their 15 home runs tie them for third with the Blue Jays. The A’s lead the AL with 21 and the Braves lead the NL with 18. The Cubs’ slugging percentage of .530 is also first in baseball and their 151 total bases are fifth. And they’re in first place in the NL Central:

Context Hitter

“I saw the ump ring Willie (Willson Contreras) up, but that pitch looked a little high. I was talking with Tony, and he yells out at the ump ‘more mercy!’” said simBryant.

“So the ump makes with the glare, and then Jason has to chop at pitches on his laces. Willie by then is sitting in the dugout telling the story, and Happer is on deck.

“Happ proceeds to drive in a run with a single up the middle.

“I was thinking more Cobra Kai than Koala Kai,” he hollers back at the home plate ump. “We’re all on the bench dying, and then Kip hits his pitch, real aggressive, and I’m on deck just wondering what’s next, and Happer scores and pops up and winks at the ump and bows.

“I get up to bat, and the pitches are tough. Up in my eyes, strike one, shoetops, strike two, a foot outside, see ya. I’m out of there in a heartbeat. I start chirping a little, and the ump starts laughing.”

“Sweep the leg,” he says.

“I coulda died right there,” simBryant finished. “Heh.”

Al will have more information about today’s contest in the game post, which will be up at 2:30 CT for our 3 p.m. Cubs series finale against the simBacks.

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