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FanPost Friday: What are you doing without baseball?

Watching old games? Reading baseball books?

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

It’s a tough time to be a baseball fan right now. There seems to be a constant churn of news about the anticipated return of the game we all love, but at the same time, nothing actually tangible we can mark on our calendars.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had to cancel travel plans you spent a lot of time working on, you’re missing your baseball family — you know, the usual rowdies you spot at home games — and you would do just about anything for an overpriced hot dog and beer.

So while we’re all stuck at home waiting for a little normalcy to return, we want to know what you’re doing to fill the missing baseball void in your life. Have you been watching old Cubs games? Reading some great baseball books? Or have you started getting up early to watch CPBL games on Twitter?

Let us know what a week in the life of a baseball fan with no baseball looks like for you.

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