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Marquee Sports Network Mystery Week game thread, Tuesday 5/12

Have some fun with a game from Cubs history!

Marquee Sports Network

Here at BCB, we’ve been running game threads on random games from Cubs history on what would have been off days on the Cubs’ official schedule for 2020.

This was a chance for everyone here to game-thread a game that wasn’t all that well-known from history, or that you might have loved but forgotten about, rather than all the famous games from the Cubs of the past.

The folks at Marquee Sports Network had the same idea and so they’re going to be running “mystery games” on the channel Monday through Friday, May 4-8 and May 11-15.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez wrote more details on how this came about and how this will work in this article.

This is a game thread for you to comment on Marquee’s Mystery Game as if it were live. Broadcast time tonight is 7:30 p.m. CT. Obviously, you will have to have access to Marquee to do this — it’s available only on their broadcast channel, not online.

It will probably be easy for some of you to figure out what game this is — the year, at least, should be pretty obvious from the lineups and pitching matchup. Please don’t ruin it for others if you figure it out. Make sure you are following the @WatchMarquee Twitter account for clues!

And as always — discuss amongst yourselves.