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The Cubs will pay fulltime employees through at least the end of June

... although, there will be some pay cuts. Perhaps by then, baseball will be on the way back.

The Cubs’ headquarters office building on Gallagher Way
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Some MLB teams have begun to furlough full-time staff, with no revenue coming in from tickets, etc.

The Cubs are trying to keep their full-time staff on board, even with salaries somewhat reduced:

Without getting into a deep discussion of Cubs revenues and what the Ricketts family ownership can and can’t afford, this seems like a reasonable thing for the ballclub to do with baseball still on hiatus. Last month, the Cubs were among 18 teams that pledged to pay full-time employees through at least the end of May:

Major League Baseball hopes to begin “Spring Training 2.0” sometime around mid-June, possibly around three weeks from now, and begin play sometime around the beginning of July, perhaps on the July 4 weekend. Nothing’s been set yet, though, and no formal proposal has been made to players. Passan’s tweet above suggests that if baseball does figure a way to begin around that time, the Cubs won’t have to furlough anyone.

As always, we await developments.