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Sara’s Diary, Day 71 without baseball: Podcastiversary!

Cuppa Cubbie Blue is one year old

Podcast App
Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Sometime during the baseball season in 2018 I was sitting in the bleachers with Al when he mentioned there might be a Bleed Cubbie Blue podcast in the works and I immediately asked if I could do it. I am an avid podcast listener and absolutely love to talk baseball with anyone, plus it presented a new challenge in terms of content creation. Al said sure and that when he knew more he’d let me know. I was beyond thrilled.

When it finally came together for 2019 I was sitting in the bleachers with my friend Andi Cruz Vanecek (also in the bleachers) when I learned she was looking for a new podcast opportunity and we set to work creating the Cubs podcast we would want to listen to: An in-season series-by-series check-in on our favorite team plus weekly off-season content and interviews to keep Cubs fans informed while they waited for baseball to return.

Right about the time Kyle Hendricks was channeling his inner Greg Maddux last May Cuppa Cubbie Blue was born. In a little over a year we have learned a lot about audio quality, sound editing, and interviews. We’ve covered sweeps, the mysterious woes of the 2019 road Cubs, and taken a more than a bit of heat from Cardinals fans. We’ve interviewed people just joining the Cubs family like Taylor McGregor, Cole Wright and Rachel Folden. We’ve brought well-known baseball experts like Rob Neyer and Dr. Meredith Wills straight to Cubs fans. We’ve also had a chance to connect with longtime voices of the Cubs like Tim Sheridan, Len Kasper and Pat Hughes.

Most importantly, we’ve had a blast and we have so much more fun Cubs content in store for you all. Check out the one-year podcastiversary episode of Cuppa Cubbie Blue below. There may not be baseball (yet) in 2020, but we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about it’s possible return.

If you don’t already subscribe, be sure to search for Bleed Cubbie Blue wherever you get your podcasts and add us to your feed so you never miss an episode.