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Sara’s Diary, Day 78 without baseball: Just a game

A conversation with Katie Day as the world burns

A young fan waves during Big League Weekend in Las Vegas in March
Photo by Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I’m going to be really honest that I am at a loss for words today and spent most of the night and the morning thinking about what I could possibly write here today that would capture the moment.

The truth of the matter is this is a baseball blog and I cannot adequately capture the pain or the gravity of the current moment. I sat up for hours last night watching what was unfolding in Minneapolis. I went to bed in the early hours of the morning without a word written and my heart aching. I woke up feeling the same.

It just feels inadequate to proceed with business as usual today. I woke up knowing I needed to edit the podcast episode we recorded less than 24 hours ago with singer, songwriter and Cubs fan Katie Day, and wondering how I just release that into the world today amidst all the chaos.

Then I relistened to Katie’s latest song Just a Game and marveled that it does capture the existence of something bigger and meaningful, even as we all face the greatest problems in a generation:

Let em say it’s just a game
There are better things to do
Cause we’re all looking for a reason
For a story
For something to hold onto

Baseball is inadequate today and so is this diary, but there are things to hold onto even in tremendous chaos and pain. Since you are reading a baseball blog today, I am betting baseball holds a similar role of hope for you.

If you need a small break from the world today you can listen to our conversation about baseball, how Katie channeled the meaning of baseball in the middle of a pandemic into her latest song, and our thoughts on the current strife between players and owners as baseball attempts a 2020 comeback on the latest episode of Cuppa Cubbie Blue: