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Sara’s Diary, Day 79 without baseball: Women in Baseball Day

Some shout outs to the women who have contributed to BCB coverage this year

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New Cubs minor league hitting coach Rachel Folden
Courtesy Rachel Folden

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Wrigleyville, it is also Women in Baseball Day! I am super lucky that I get to work with some awesome women each week like my podcast partner in crime Andi Cruz Vanecek and our awesome associate editor Ashley MacLennan. I decided to use today’s entry to take a few minutes to shout out some of the awesome women who have taken the time to hang out with Andi and me on Cuppa Cubbie Blue during our first year of the show. Be sure you take a few minutes to check them out, and follow them for great baseball content.

A Pod of Their Own

Linda Surovich, Maggie Wiggin and Allison McCague from the Mets podcast “A Pod of Their Own” were incredibly supportive of our fledgling podcast right from the get go and it’s been awesome to get to know them. They also all write for Amazin’ Avenue and other places. One of my favorite memories from the last year visiting their podcast and having them invite us to a friendly competition to race money for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Spoiler alert: Mets fans won, but it was still a great time for a good cause.

Dr. Meredith Wills

We all knew something was up with the ball when home runs spiked in 2017 and again in 2019 but it took an astrophysicist to dissect the baseballs, run some tests on them, and explain to us what exactly was going on with the ball. Dr. Meredith Wills is not only brilliant, she’s excellent at explaining complex science to non-scientists like me. Be sure you follow her for all sorts of awesome baseball content.

Taylor McGregor

No one knows exactly whats going to happen with baseball in 2020, but one thing I am sure of is that when baseball returns Cubs fans are going to love hearing from Marquee Sports Network’s Taylor McGregor. She grew up in a baseball house and has already demonstrated a knack for getting our favorite Cubs players to tell us a bit more about themselves. I mean who didn’t love this moment from Kris Bryant discussing what being a father meant to him?

Rachel Folden

The Cubs new minor league hitting coach waited her entire life to get a job in baseball and is waiting a bit longer to get started with her new team. She joined Andi and I for an episode of CCB during the pandemic and honestly I learned so much about how she approaches coaching and baseball during our short conversation. You should absolutely check out the interview and Folden Fastpitch to learn more about the Cubs first woman coach.

Katie Day

Katie Day joined us on our most recent episode and among other things shared that her original favorite player was Ryne Sandberg and the inspiration for her recent song “Just a Game” was John Prine. It was awesome to talk to another fan of the game during a time when we all just want some sense of normalcy to (safely) return and if you’re looking for a mental break this week definitely check out the episode.