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Sara’s Diary, Day 53 without baseball: Signs of the times

Some images from my latest walks around Wrigleyville

Chicagoans line up for food distribution at Wrigley Field on Saturday afternoon
Sara Sanchez

Humans are so adaptable that it’s easy to forget how different things have become less than two months after Chicago and most of the rest of the United States shut down to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been 53 days without baseball and today I wanted to let some of the images I’ve captured from in and around Wrigleyville to speak mostly for themselves.

Cubs jerseys line the windows of the Hotel Zachary facing Clark Street
Sara Sanchez

On the same weekend that Chicagoans lined up for food where fans used to line up for the bleachers the Hotel Zachary’s windows were lined with Cubs jerseys. The Hotel has been temporarily transformed into housing for frontline healthcare workers.

Pray for Chicago
Sara Sanchez

Further down on Clark businesses are shuttered and an artist painted this message to passers-by.

Pet Smart where masks are required by law
Sara Sanchez

Businesses all over the city reminded customers that masks are now required by law inside their premises.

Buy tacos get masks
Sara Sanchez

Some businesses like Salsita on Halsted are using the mask requirements as a promotional give away to bring in new business.

Malort to go at Nisei Lounge
Sara Sanchez

Don’t worry, even as things change, some things stay the same. Nisei Lounge has Malort To Go.