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Today in Cubs history: Kerry Wood strikes out 20

... and you can get a T-shirt commemorating the event!

Every Cubs fan knows, or should know, the story of Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout game in his fifth major-league start.

It happened 22 years ago today, May 6, 1998. Two years ago, on the 20th anniversary of this incredible performance, I wrote up this history of the game. The game’s been shown on several channels over the last few weeks during baseball’s hiatus.

Today, in partnership with Breaking T, we have a commemorative T-shirt for this historic event. Officially licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association, the shirt has an image of Wood, the event and date, and a facsimile KW signature.

All of Breaking T’s shirts are in a soft lightweight blended cotton/polyester material. I’ve got a number of these shirts and they’re very comfortable. The price is $28 and you can order yours from this link. Full disclosure, I receive a small cut of the proceeds from this sale.

Here’s the full game, one of the signature moments in Cubs history.

And, here’s a full look at the T-shirt.