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MLB Bullets are repeating history with JLo and A-Rod

They’re back in, apparently?

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Well, just when you thought Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had counted themselves out of the running to purchase the New York Mets, a new report has surfaced that indicates the power couple are still very interested in buying themselves a major league club.

According to Sean Keeley — who among other things truly loves to make puns with JLo song titles — reports that the pair were back at JPMorgan Chase recently taking a new approach to the financing. This time they have the added bonus of the inclusion of SNY (the Mets home broadcast network) in the deal.

Whether this will prove to be the perfect time for the pair to buy, with the Wilpons likely looking to unload as they continue to lose money, remains to be seen.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.