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The Cubs have announced details on June ticket refunds for season-ticket holders

It’s a continuation of the policy announced in April.

Al Yellon

Earlier this year, the Cubs (and all other MLB teams) set out details on refunds for ticket holders for games that won’t be played this year.

Season-ticket holders were notified April 29 that they could get a refund on the 30 games scheduled for April and May, or take a credit good for future games. Those who chose the credit (and I was one of them) were given a 5 percent bonus which could also be used for future ticket purchases.

Thursday, season-ticket holders got an email saying that the same offer was good for the 11 home games scheduled for June. The choice made in April was going to be carried over for the June games. For those who wanted credits, if they now wanted a refund, they have to notify the Cubs by 5 p.m. CT June 18.

That’s now half the original home schedule that’s been cancelled and money either credited or refunded. The team says that refunds will be applied to credit cards within three weeks, and for anyone who paid by check, those refunds will be sent within four weeks.

At this time I don’t have specific information about single-game tickets but I would imagine the policy for those would be similar in terms of refunds.

I would imagine that the team will continue to do this on a month-by-month basis throughout the rest of the season. The Cubs’ original schedule has 11 home games in July, 14 in August and 15 in September.

While it seems very unlikely that any of us will be back in Wrigley Field before 2021, I still hold hope that we will see some Cubs games and other MLB games this year.