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Do you want Sammy Sosa back with the Cubs? Get the T-shirt!

You can have your very own “Bring Him Back” shirt.

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Sammy Sosa has always been a controversial figure around the Cubs.

Yes, he hit 545 homers as a Cub, hit 60+ homers three times — something no one else has ever done — and thrilled all of us with the 1998 home-run race with Mark McGwire, something credited in many places with helping to bring baseball back to fan interest after the 1994-95 strike.

But there are also accusations of PED use by Sammy, and his decision to — so far — not apologize to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has been the major factor in his not being able to return to the Cubs in some capacity. Most likely, that wouldn’t be much more than being a goodwill ambassador and appearing at games and the Cubs Convention.

Are you one of those who would like to see Sammy back with the Cubs? You might feel even more strongly about that after watching ESPN’s “Long Gone Summer.” If so, here’s your chance to get a T-shirt proclaiming exactly that for the Cubs slugger.

Full disclosure: I receive a small cut of the proceeds from sales of this shirt.