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Sara’s Diary, Day 105 without baseball: Looking ahead to the 2020 season

What we love, hate and have open questions about regarding baseball

The rooftops may be your best bet to catch a game in person in 2020
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It appears that there will be baseball in 2020 although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could intervene at any time and modify MLB’s intentions to play 60 games plus the post season this year.

Al wrote a great summary of the particulars of the 2020 season including when players will report, when we can expect games, who the Cubs will play, what the rules will be and more. One of the most fascinating elements of the season from my perspective is that games will be limited to each teams’ geographic division. In the case of the Cubs and the NL Central Fangraphs projects the division with the most parity in the league will be a nail-biter:

Andi Cruz Vanecek and I looked at these projections for the 2020 season, the rule changes, the new roster regulations and more in the latest episode of Cuppa Cubbie Blue. There is only one week until players begin to report and as always the podcast will have all the latest Cubs news, updates and banter as baseball returns in 2020. Be sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss an episode during this (hopefully) one of a kind season: