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Could the Cubs play the Cardinals at the Field of Dreams this summer?

It appears this is a possbility.

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Since we’ve been talking about scheduling this morning, here’s a little quirk that could be introduced to MLB’s 60-game schedule this year.

On the 2020 original MLB schedule, there was a special-event game planned between the White Sox and Yankees at a small ballpark constructed near the Field of Dreams, which had originally been built for the movie of the same name. That field became a tourist attraction, and MLB hoped to capitalize.

Per the proposed MLB divisional-setup schedule for 2020, the White Sox and Yankees won’t play each other. But according to Tommy Birch in the Des Moines Register, the organizers of this game have the stadium still under construction and hope there will be a game this year, quoting Roman Weinberg, who runs the movie site, which is called “Go The Distance”:

Weinberg said the field, which has been limited to only authorized personnel, is actually complete. They’re now spending the final few months before the game working on the surrounding structure.

“Nothing has hindered the timeline there,” Weinberg said. “And we are still, right now, planning for a game in August. Obviously, that’s still up in the air. But we’re still on pace to host a game in August.”

That’s the hope for now. But with the 2020 season up in the air, so is the game ... at least for this summer. MLB, in a statement provided to The Register Monday, said there has been no change in the status of the game, and “we hope to have the option to play.”

With no chance the White Sox and Yankees could be the participants in 2020 — since with the divisional-play setup they won’t meet — Birch has another idea:

Well now, that’s interesting. The original schedule had the Sox and Yankees playing Thursday, August 13, having an off day Friday, August 14 and completing a series on the South Side August 15 and 16.

Could the Cubs and Cardinals do something similar in September? If so, would fans be permitted in the temporary ballpark? It was designed to hold only 8,000 or so.

Stay tuned, as they say. MLB is still working on the 60-game 2020 schedule, it should be released within the next few days.