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Cub Tracks signs ‘em up

#Cubs, #simCubs, and #MLB news

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Wrigley Field Campus Mobilized In Support of COVID-19-Relief Efforts Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The odds say that the simCubs are all the baseball we’re gonna get.

The simCubs defeated the simOrioles and swept the series behind the pitching of Ryan Yarbrough and a cast of thousands, with Ryan Tepera getting the save and Nico Hoerner coming up big in the pinch (again). YouTube decided to sign me out mid-upload, and wouldn’t let me sign back in right away, so I tweeted the score and highlights, then saved the game and rebooted:

Interesting. After the game and reboot, the Cubs made their draft choices, and we welcome 2B Willy Lorenz (R), SP Johnnie Rosado (R), SP Robby Volpe (R), C Henry Alecio (R), CP Albert Piniero (R), and RF Michael Compton (L) to the Cubs. They’re already signed and will be joining the minor league teams next year. The Cubs have been scouting most of these players very closely since the beginning of the college season. Brandon Palmer will have more about these players and the process tomorrow in his weekly interview.

The Reds have invaded Wrigley Field, and Joey Votto and the boys threaten to eat skyline chili in our clubhouse for four full days. This abomination must be expelled! Sonny Gray and Jon Lester will face off first. Al will have more in the game post (at 2:30 p.m. CT, for our 3 p.m. start). I’ll drop the specific URL to the contest in the game thread, but you can lurk at the BCB Media Center and catch it there as well. All past games and highlights reels are available there too, if you want the full #simCubs experience.

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It feels like a broken record and where we’re watching a rerun. I feel like these things continue to happen over and over and over again and you have people continuously and helplessly trying to find a solution.” — Jason Heyward.

Food for thought:

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