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2020 MLB Draft Prep: Prep names for round two

There’s more than one round in this year’s draft. Here are some thoughts for the Cubs beyond Round 1.

Drew Bowser in the High School All-Star Game in Cleveland in 2019
Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Cubs will draft 51st overall in the 2020 Draft, their second-round pick. Nobody is too sure in which order name will come off, so jumping to the second page of the Fangraphs list is a reasonable proxy. Some names will already be gone, and a few toward the top of the list might last awhile. There's plenty of chatter that "many" of the first round choices will be under slot picks, so it's frustrating to have much confidence with anything predictive.

Nonetheless, I want the Cubs to draft a right fielder. Someone who could develop into a Jason Heyward replacement would be very useful. The infamous rain delay speech doesn't change that, in a league where "value to the team" is often weighed against "cost to spending limits" is a concern for Cubs fans in right field. The team can try the crapshoot of free agency, but that screams to me of trading young talent for an aging Johnny Callison or Bobby Murcer.

The longer the team waits to select a right fielder in the 2020 draft, the likelihood for success plummets, and the need for Cole Roederer and Brennen Davis to _both_ need to have valid MLB careers gets a bit rich for my blood. I don't prefer preps in the first round, so a prep right fielder seems an acceptable compromise.

Chase Davis, right field, HS (CA)

When names are all you have to go with, if you have a bit of "mojo" on your side, go with it. The last time the Cubs took a prep with their second round choice, it was an outfielder from the south and west; Brennen Davis from Arizona. After being left in Mesa to start the 2019 season, he joined South Bend in May, and started sprinting to the top of the team's prospect listings. I'd take Chase Davis for three specific reasons. He's listed as a right fielder, Fangraphs credits him with speed and pitch recognition, and he'd be a fun follow once minor league baseball resumes. Here’s video:

Cayden Wallace, third base, HS (Arkansas)

Cayden seems a very 2020's baseball name. My auto-carrot insisted I meant Hayden, which would be an entirely different memory. Wallace is average or better at all the baseball things. I'm totally good with a player that can do whatever is needed. Also, the Cubs might need a third baseman 'eventually'. Here’s video of Wallace from 2019:

Yohandy Morales, third base, HS (FL)

I dig fun sounding names, and Yohandy won't require the other name get used very often. He's 6-4 with tree-top power, and nobody's rushing him off third base, yet. If he isn't built for third, right field might make sense. Here’s some video of Morales:

Drew Bowser, third base, HS (CA)

When in doubt, draft from Harvard Westlake in Los Angeles. Bowser is low-50's both on Fangraphs and on Mason McRae's opus work. Bowser seems not only worth paying attention to on the field with a number of playable assets, Bowser serves as a uninym. Here’s video:

I asked McRae for more prep names in that range, and he quickly tossed back Mario Zabala, Petey Halpin, and Werner Blakely. He's done more homework than I have. I doubt the Cubs get over two preps, and two might be stretching it.