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Outside The Confines: Happy Canada Day!

Or as my American friends call it: Wednesday.

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Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays

Hello fine Cubbie friends, it’s a glorious Wednesday, and I your resident Canadian am celebrating Canada Day up in the Great White North. It’s slated to be 90+ degrees here and I will be excitedly spending my day watching for baseball players to report to Summer Camp.

Obviously, Cubs fans all have a favourite (see what I did there) Canadian player in Fergie Jenkins, but there are a few notable Canadians still playing ball actively, including: James Paxton, Russell Martin, and of course Joey Votto.

So say “sorry, eh?” to your favourite Canadian today, and enjoy some baseball news!

  • Let’s start the post with something silly and fun. TawnyFroggy from our sister site Twinkie Town has put together a primer for anyone who might have forgotten just how baseball works.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.