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Sara’s Diary: Day 119 without baseball: Summer Camp

Week one is in the books. There is still baseball. For now.

Kyle Schwarber takes batting practice during the first week of Summer Camp
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Baseball has been sort of kind of back for a little over a week now and despite some pretty serious testing delays that impacted seven teams, including the Cubs, baseball appears to be a go in 2020 — at least for now.

That could all change at a moment’s notice if a critical mass of players either opted out of playing or worse, contracted COVID-19, but so far baseball has avoided both of these worst case scenarios.

And I’m not going to lie, it is fun to see the ballhawks out when I walk to get coffee. I like hearing the music and crowd noise being blasted at Wrigley Field. The neighborhood is more vibrant when the ballpark is active, even if it’s just workouts and sim-games for now.

Willson Contreras is hitting bombs, everyone is worried if Craig Kimbrel is going to blow a save and Anthony Rizzo is channeling his inner bleacher bum:

Andi Cruz Vanecek and I are talking about all of the above and more on the latest edition of the Cuppa Cubbie Blue podcast, just in time for weekend listening!