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Anthony Rizzo became a ‘bleacher creature’ and we have the T-shirt

You can commemorate this Summer Camp event!

News item: Anthony Rizzo hangs out in the empty bleachers during Cubs Summer Camp:

The Cubs were three innings into an intrasquad game on Thursday night, and manager David Ross was focused on the field in front of him. Then bench coach Andy Green had a question for Ross:

“You see Rizz?”

No, Ross had not seen Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo in a few minutes. The last Ross had heard, Rizzo was planning to head out to the bullpen underneath Wrigley Field’s left-field bleachers to track some pitches from the relievers getting warmed up. Ross scanned left field, and there was Rizzo, sitting high in the bleacher seats, watching the game.

Ross got a kick out of it, especially when Rizzo kept moving to different sections to see the field from a different vantage point. The manager said Green joked that Rizzo’s wandering reminded him of a “Where’s Waldo” book.

In partnership with Breaking T, we now have this T-shirt to offer you commemorating Rizzo’s trek to the bleachers:

This is a very different sort of baseball season, if we make it through, and Rizzo sure looks like he was enjoying it. You can order your “Bleacher Creature” T-shirt here.

Full disclosure: I receive a small cut of the proceeds from every T-shirt ordered.