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Cubs manager David Ross won’t attend today’s team workout

He and some others are awaiting COVID-19 test results

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Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Cubs announced Monday that manager David Ross and five other “Tier 1” individuals don’t have COVID-19 test results from Saturday, so they won’t attend today’s workout. The five others were not identified in a release from the team.

“We’ve decided to do the prudent thing so myself and the five others will not attend this morning’s workout,” Ross said in a statement. “Out of an abundance of caution, we think it makes sense for the six of us to wait for clarity. Situations like this have not been a worrisome indicator of a positive test result to date.”

While that’s true, test results are supposed to be turned around in 24 hours, so these are a day or so late. It might not be worrisome, but as the Washington Post reported Sunday, there are beginning to be long lags in reporting test results nationwide:

The long testing turnaround times are making it impossible for the United States to replicate the central strategy used by other countries to effectively contain the virus — test, trace and isolate. Like catching any killer, speed is of the essence when it comes to the coronavirus.

MLB is attempting to begin a 2020 season in less than two weeks, but it will take better turnaround times for testing to assure everyone that they’re doing it safely. As Yu Darvish wisely said:

“I came here to make sure everybody’s doing the right thing,” Darvish said Sunday through an interpreter. “I had in my mind if they’re not, I was ready to go home.”

The Cubs do appear to be doing the right thing, as best they can. It might not be enough.

As always, we await developments.