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Outside The Confines: Schedule shenanigans!

Who benefits and who will be collecting the most travel miles?

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Chicago Cubs Summer Workouts Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

With much delight and some cautious optimism, the new 2020 baseball schedule arrived on Monday evening. We wrote a bit about it here as you might expect, but let’s look at what the big brains of baseball writing have to add to the conversation.

Tim Britton wrote about how the unbalanced schedule helps some teams more than others in its limited travel areas. (The Athletic subscription required.)

At FanGraphs Craig Edwards shared his five thoughts on the new schedule.

Tom Verducci shared his thoughts on the newly released schedule as well, sharing his take on the winners and losers.

And now let’s get into the non-schedule related topics.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.