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Outside The Confines: No sympathy for Zach Plesac

Do up your seatbelt and stop making excuses, sir.

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Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

I’m not here to use this platform to call people names or make suppositions about them. I’m certainly not here to call players selfish or hypocritical (okay, that’s deeply untrue, I am not above doing either of those things). But in the case of Zach Plesac, the Cleveland Indians pitcher who recently came under fire for violating MLB’s COVID-19 regulations, well, I’ll let a line from the musical Hamilton summarize my feelings:

“Talk less. Smile more.”

On Thursday, Plesac took to his Instagram to post a lengthy non-apology video about how the media was raking him through the mud over his violations and he really hadn’t done anything wrong. Which was untrue. He not only violated MLB policies by going out to dinner with eight people not on his team, but he did so when a member of his team has a compromised immune system after a battle with cancer.

There’s selfishness, and then there’s selfishness marinated in a lack of self-awareness, and that is where we find Zach Plesac.

Twitter, as you might expect, was none too kind to Plesac, who recorded the video in his car, while driving, and while apparently not wearing a seatbelt.

Oh it keeps going. Nick Francona, son of Indians manager Terry Francona, shared his unfiltered thoughts on the matter.

And a good summation.

Anyway, he’s terrible, and his lack of understanding over what he did wrong is absolutely mind-boggling. We’ll lead off links with some actual articles about the situation if you want more context.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.