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Here’s the official info on the Cubs/Cardinals makeup doubleheaders next week

The teams will play five games in three days at Wrigley Field next week, and make up another one in September.

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Earlier today I told you why you shouldn’t freak out just because the Cubs and Cardinals will play five games in three days next week due to COVID-19 postponements for the Cardinals.

Major League Baseball officially announced the Cubs/Cardinals makeup dates and times for all three games in the postponed series from last weekend in St. Louis (along with a makeup date/time for a Cardinals/White Sox doubleheader Saturday).

The Cubs and Cardinals will play a doubleheader at Wrigley Field Monday, August 17. Both games will be seven innings, and the doubleheader will begin at 4:15 p.m. CT. The Cubs will bat last in Game 1, the Cardinals will bat last in Game 2. There will be approximately 30 minutes in between games. No, they won’t switch dugouts.

The teams will play a single game Tuesday, August 18 at 7:15 p.m. CT.

Then, they’ll play another doubleheader at Wrigley Field Wednesday, August 19. Again, these will be two seven-inning games, this time in the afternoon, beginning at 1:20 p.m. CT. Again, the Cubs will bat last in Game 1, the Cardinals will bat last in Game 2.

The last of the three games postponed in St. Louis will be made up Saturday, September 5, when the Cardinals return to Wrigley Field. That will also be a doubleheader, two seven-inning games, and that one will start at 4:15 p.m. CT, and once again, the Cubs will bat last in Game 1, the Cardinals will bat last in Game 2.

MLB also announced Friday makeup dates for the Cardinals/Pirates series that was to have been played August 10-12 in St. Louis. That still leaves two Cardinals games, against the Tigers, that have not yet been rescheduled, so as of now the Cardinals have 58 of their 60 games scheduled to be played at some point. That will include at least 11 (!) doubleheaders.

Incidentally, both MLB and Baseball-reference are considering “home” games as being where the games are actually played, so all five Cubs/Cardinals games at Wrigley next week will be listed in those records as Cubs home games. It means that some teams will have unequal numbers of home and away games for 2020.

These will be the first non-split doubleheaders at Wrigley since August 2006, although they can’t be called “single-admission” doubleheaders, because... there aren’t any fans.

And again — don’t sweat this for the Cubs. They’ll figure it out, just as they’ve figured everything else out en route to a 13-3 start in this weird 2020 season.